Molly Keen is a Visual Artist that specializes in large-scale murals all over the world where she connects audiences to her work through participation and engagement. Her style presents a playful sense of wonder, movement, and togetherness.


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Keen travels by bicycle throughout the United States and Canada creating community and individual murals. In 2018 Keen took off on a 3-month mural tour called, “The Flying Colors Mural Project” with the creation of 5 murals throughout Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, Germany, and the Netherlands. From 2012-2014 Keen traveled throughout Latin America on a mural tour that spanned from Colombia to Argentina with the creation of over 30 murals.

Woodworking school has inspired Keen’s more recent works as she attended  Laney College Wood Technology School. Currently, she is focusing on mural reliefs from woodcuts as an interactive element within my murals. The creation of free tiny libraries and benches built into the walls she paints creates a community environment and commitment to the community. Additionally, the added element of wood forms a foundation for garden beds behind each relief layer. Using wood allows for more exploration of interactions and opens up additional mural possibilities.