Molly Keen is a Visual Artist specializing in large-scale murals with emphasis on detailed imagery and shifting perspectives. Keen’s most regarded body of work created throughout Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Canada, and, the United States. She recently completed a European Mural Tour that included Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Germany, and the Netherlands where she painted large-scale murals throughout each country through the Flying Colors Mural Project, a project that Keen began in 2017 inspired two years creating work throughout South America. The project combines art with workshops and community involvement with each mural she creates.

Perspective shifts are found in Keen’s work as she is known for her detail and intricate play with poetry and colors. Her pieces activate a variety of perspectives, for example, in “Siete de Las Estrellas” one may view the iconic 7 pointed stars of Cabanaconde, Peru with a ribbon flowing across the piece as the focal point. However, as one engages closer, an entirely different world full of historical images, plant life of the Cabanaconde region, and traditional native styles of feminine dress are revealed. Additionally in, “To the Moon and Back” one may find the moon glowing at a distance, yet a detailed inspection will discover this glimmer filled with intricate verse and songs written by local musicians and poets. The writing is scattered and subtle but rich with messages central to the Oakland Neighborhood and unique to each musician’s story. Keen engages the audience to experience not only a beautifully wrought, large-scale vision but also noticing the intricacies and poetry that play from within a more intimate field of view.

For Keen, the goal within the context of public art is to combine the technical skill of an artist, the training of an Art Therapist, and the experience of life and work in a diverse assortment of local communities around the globe. This produces works that are visionary, not only in their scale but through the collaborative intimacy of its creative voice. She seeks to use the creative gifts passed from her late mother, now honed into professional tools, to produce activated community spaces that speak with a voice not merely her own, but one drawn equally from the traditions, history, and the very individuals that will call the places she visits and works within a home.