Molly Keen, b. 1987

From Seattle, Washington Keen has spent the past ten years in Oakland, California with featured works throughout Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Germany, and the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States.

Her work is playful in essence, with an emphasis on detailed imagery and shifting perspectives. Her work brings to life not only a design at large but requires a closer eye to see hidden imagery and potential engagement from the viewer.

As of late, woodworking has been at the forefront of Keen’s work. She worked with the City of Lakewood and 40 Arts West to install six poem mailboxes, where participants were invited to write a poem and read a poem. Each sculpture features a mailbox varied from one another through the use of plants, birdhouses, or wooden detail – tied together with the Molly Keen signature vibrant use of color.

Keen paints to add color and beauty into the world with as much involvement from the community as possible. Her goal within the context of public murals is to combine the technical skill of an artist, the training of an Art Therapist, and the experience of life and work in communities around the globe.