Molly Keen (b. 1987, Seattle, WA)

Washington State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2006

Public Art 
2019 May    City of Danville, “Dogs of Danville Unleashed” Acrylic Sculpture

2018 June    Swiftly, Utility Traffic Box, City of San Ramon, CA

2018 May    Poetree, Utility Traffic Box, City of Pleasanton, CA

2018 May    The Swirl Farm Utility Traffic Box; City of Fremont, CA


2019 Nov.   Gates, Oregon, Spray Paint, 9′ x 60′

2018 Oct.    Airmid, Oakland, California, Spray Paint, 20′ x 100′

2018 July    Sacred Waters; Portland, Oregon, Aryclic 20′ x 8′

2018 July    Seaside Community Mural, Seaside, Oregon. Acrylic 80′ x 3′-5′

2018 April  Dive In; Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Acrylic 9′ x 12′

2018 April  Arriving; Berlin, Germany. Acrylic 26′ x 12′

2018 Mar.   Whispers; Balkanero’s, Mostar, Bosnia. Acrylic 50′ x 8′

2018 Feb.    Bright Zebra; Fisherman’s House, Ericeira, Portugal. Spray Paint, 40′ x 18′

2018 Feb.    Into the Sea; OportoOcean Hostel, Porto, Portugal. Acrylic, 10′ x 45′

2018 Jan.    Blossom; Primavera Hostel, Barcelona, Spain. Acrylic, 14′ x 35′

2018 Jan.     Kindness; Collaboration with Upward Roots / Community Mural – Fred T. Korematsu Discovery Academy, Oakland, CA.

2017 Oct.     Moon Glow; Joshua Tree, CA

2017 June   Paint by Numbers Community Mural; Garberville, CA

2017 May    Psychedelic Tree; Joshua Tree Music Festival, Joshua Tree, CA

2017 May    E’Ville; Rotten City Pizza, Emeryville, CA

2017 May    Octopus Dreaming; Rotten City Pizza, Emeryville, CA

2017 May    Cactus; Joshua Tree Music Festival, Joshua Tree, CA

2016 May    Desert Bliss; Joshua Tree Music Festival, Joshua Tree, CA

2016 Jan.    To the Moon and Back; Oakland Music Complex, Oakland, CA

2015 Aug.    Get Pumped Portland, Arcadia National Bar & Bicycle Benefits- Porland, ME

2015 Aug.    Community Bike Bustle Love, Bike Recycle Vermont – Burlington, VT

2015 May    Mural Paints ItselfCasa de Cyclistas Community Mural, San Ignacio, Mexico

2015 Mar.   Colibri y Bicicleta por la paz San Quintin, Mexico

2014 May    WOW Bakery; WOW Bakery – Kent, WA Appearance on “How its Made” episode

2014 April  Sacred Geometry; Chichen Itza, Mexico – Lemurian Embassy

2014 Jan.    Molly the Van; Puerto Natales, Chile – Erratic Rock

2013 Dec.   La Marmita; Punta Arenas, Chile – La Marmita

2013 Nov.   A Whale of a Tale; Puerto Madryn, Argentina La Casa de Tounens

2013 Oct.    Treescaping; Sucre, Bolivia

2013 Oct.    Incan; Cabanconde, Peru – Pachamama

2013 Sept.   Las Siete EstrellasCabanaconde, Peru – Pachamama 

2013 June   Anaconda; Anaconda Lodge; Puerto Maldanado, Peru – Anaconda Lodge

2013 April   Tangled;  Tena, Ecuador Pakay Tours 

2013 Mar.   Armania; Salento, Colombia- La Serrana

2013 Feb.    Media Luna; Media Luna Private HomeCartagena, Colombia

2013 Feb.    Flowered; Palomino, Colombia Dreamer Hostel

2013 Feb.    Mandala; Palomino, Colombia Dreamer Hostel

2013 Feb.    Pajaro; Palomino, Colombia Dreamer Hostel

2013 Feb.    Full Moon Women; Palomino, Colombia Dreamer Hostel

2013 Jan.     Jungle Creatures; Palomino, Colombia Dreamer Hostel

2013 Jan.     Waverly; Palomino, Colombia Dreamer Hostel

2013 Jan.     Dreamer on the Beach; Palomino, Colombia Dreamer Hostel

2013 Jan.     Paddling the Canoe; Boat on the Beach, Palomino, Colombia

2012 Dec.     Leafing Terrace; Santa Marta, Colombia Terrace Roof Hostel Jackie

2011 Feb.     Purple Bliss; Alzheimer Services of the East Bay, Berkeley, CA


Flying Colors Mural Project: 2018 January-May, Four-month European Mural tour with featuring individual Molly Keen public murals in Barcelona, Spain / Mostar, Bosnia / Porto, Portugal /Ericeira, Portugal / Berlin, Germany & Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The Reflection Altar Installation; Collaboration with Andrea Dawn, Burning Man Honorarium Grant Up-cycled material, Black Rock City, Nevada 2017 September.

Latin America Mural Project: 2012-2014 Tour with the creation of 15 individual public murals throughout Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico.

Merry-Go-Round Sculpture; Berkeley, CA; Painting and sculpture collaboration with Micheal Christian, June 2017.

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Oct. The Family; Joshua Tree Music Art Auction, Joshua Tree, CA

2015 Dec. Ruby’s Song; Buzzards Books Canvas Installation, Greenwood, WA

2015 August Hello Seattle, Faces; Outlander Brewery and Pub Fremont, WA

2015 Jan Sprinkles; Ballard Kiss Café, Ballard, WA

2012 Dec Dots; The District Show, Oakland, CA

2012 August We Can Get There from Here; Farley’s Coffee, Oakland, CA

Group Exhibitions

2015 Jan-Mar. Faces of Them; Outlander Brewery, Seattle, WA

2015 Jan-Mar. Revisited, New Eyes; Hi-Life Restaurant, Ballard, WA

2012 May Start of Something; Mua Show with Ashley Gallegos, Oakland, CA

2012 February Hands Up; Art Auction Starbucks Castro, San Francisco


Mason, Preston: “Clyde’s Got a New Girlfriend”. The Drake Magazine, vol. 16 issue 3, January 2015 p. 106-108


2011-2013 Art Therapist – Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay, Berkeley, CA

2012-2013 Wine and Canvas Teacher, San Francisco, CA