Poem Mailbox Series – Read a Poem,

Leave a drawing, poem, feelings, and notes for neighbors!

Mixed Sculpture Series, 2019 6’ x 4x 4 – Lakewood, Colorado 

Individual led Project sponsored by 40 Arts West and the City of Lakewood.

Aerosol, Redwood 4×4’s, epicycles metal mailboxes, scrap wood, and pine.

A series of 6 sculptures installed throughout the 40 West Arts Line in the Lakewood Arts District, celebrated at the Colfax Art Festival. Reintroducing snail mail with these interactive and whimsical poem mailboxes where participants are encouraged to take a poem and write a poem, creating a deeper and meaningful connection to one another and our creativity in ourselves reinforcing the idea that every one of us has a voice and can be an artist.


Kitchen Island

Maple, Bay Laurel, Walnut, Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry, and Cypress –Oakland, CA, 2019 4’ x 2’ x 3’ $3,500

The first piece of furniture I built after studying machining and woodworking for 5 months at Laney College. The piece showcases a 2” butcher block at the top, with mortice and tenons underneath serving as aprons. The base, created from bay laurel from salvaged wood from the presidio purchased at Arborica in Marine and milled from one tree. The piece is set with dovetails and then rabbited in the cypress slats to complete the 2 tiered shelving.