Flying Colors Mural Project

Welcome to the Flying Colors Mural Project! 

2018 is a year of travel and mural making as Keen sets out on a mural tour to Europe.

Mission: The Flying Colors Mural Project seeks to create murals with youth and adult to create a more approachable, collaborative, and interactive mural project where the focus is on development of creative and personal skills through painting, hands-on workshops, and community gatherings centered the encouragement of the creative development in women, socio-political change, and placing a positive focus on themes of womanhood locally in the Bay Area, nationally and internationally. 

Art in one’s life develops self-confidence, creativity, freedom, and opens doors as it is essential for the education of youth. The project seeks to unlock the spirit of one’s creativity to experience the world in a way that develops color, new ways to live, and a creative way to self-express.

HistoryCreated in 2017, the project began after lead Artist, Molly Keen, spent two years painting over 28 murals throughout Cartagena, Colombia, Palomino Colombia, Salento Colombia, Tena Ecuador, Cabanaconde Peru, Puerto Maldanado Peru, Sucre Bolivia, Puerto Madryn Argentina, Punta Arenas Chile, Puerto Madryn Argentina, Chicen Itza Mexico, and San Qintin Mexico. 

Keen quickly saw the impact of female street artists throughout Latin America who were inspirational to their country and the world. She quickly realized the lack of attention and focus on these female artists and encouragement of women to start painting at a larger scale. Women such as Colombian Street Artists Gleo, Zurik, Bastardilla and Ledania as well as Argentinan Muralista Fio Silva represented art and activism creating a remarkable memory in the creative mind of Keen. They created works that were large in size and importance in content.

Goal: With the project, Keen seeks to utilize her skills as an art mentor to past summer camps, vision as a creative independent artist to show that anyone can paint and even more, we can do it together. The long-term goal of the tour is that it will start in Europe and circle back to Oakland in May where throughout the summer community murals will take places at family camps of festivals, youth summer camps, schools, and various locations. 

The project will begin in Barcelona and head into Portugal for one month, Croatia, Germany, and the Netherlands. Keen has 5 murals confirmed and is open to creating at locations outside of the confirmed. So, if you know of communities in need of a collaborative mural within the route reach out!

You can follow her journey by click here for her blog Painting Molly where she writes about her experience and the mural-making process that she created over 6 years ago!