Murals in Motion Project


Murals in Motion is a female-led group of Artists based in Oakland, CA who create murals locally and internationally by bicycle. The creation of large-scale murals showcase themes of climate justice, female and self-empowerment through community engagement and the connection to our bicycles, moving slowly and with intention everywhere we travel.

We are excited to announce our January 2020 bicycle mural tour with a crew of 6-9 Visual Artists that will create 4 murals in 3 months of 1,500 miles of bicycle touring throughout Brazil.

Why?: Female muralists are few and far between. This project is an opportunity to collaborate and live with a community of women that we can all learn from. We have the chance to lift one another up and create large murals together. We will send a message of female empowerment and of the slow movement, that we get everywhere by bicycle. The combination of bicycles, murals, community education and participation, this tour will become legendary! We aim to connect with every community that we pedal through from the start of the project to the end celebration. We want people to get excited about adding color to their neighborhood with us.

How?: We will create 4 murals in different towns with our sole transportation, a bicycle! This represents a slow, and intentional movement. One that is almost free from fossil fuels with the creation of an alternative way to travel and work in the community. We will book and design the murals before we leave, and secure funding for these works before as well. What does that mean? Planning as early as possible and getting everyone together to make the most of our time and investment in this project. Through crowdfunding, sponsorship, and grant writing the crew will get paid for the journey with all expenses covered an additional stipend for work.

How?: There will be 6-9 women on the tour who all will bring their special skillsets that will include: Muralists, Painters, Designers, Educators, Chefs, Cyclists, Publicists and more!