the Pedal Powered project

“Pedal Power”

Explore. Create. Activate.

“Pedal Power” is an interactive bicycle powered kinetic mobile sculpture that engages participants to jump on the pedicabs (tricycles) and activate dangling reclaimed bicycle ornaments, decorated bicycle wheels and musical chimes that dance overhead, above and around the participants. The pedaling rotates the mobile clockwise which creates music and showcases the different sculptures from dynamic perspectives.

The platform is made of pine wood is 20’ x 25’ in size and the metal is welded and can face up to 100 mph mind.  Lastly, the piece has pedal-powered lights that only turn on by riding.

The piece was inspired by Keen’s work as a Pedicab Operator (Tricycle Taxi) for the last two years on the Embarcadero of San Francisco. ‘Pedal Power’ is created for any person to experience, to play and make new friends in a world of adventure where wonder is at the core.